Gaming technologies evolving in 2013

While you might say that playing games is not as important as other fields of technology, you have to remember that it’s the drive to play that led to most of the technical innovation of computers and phones. Better video quality, higher resolution, higher mobility, ease of use and overall style, all of these aspects have evolved with the gaming community as a driving force pushing for changes. So, what can we expect interesting and exotic in gaming world for 2013

For some most interesting, for some least interesting in 2013 is the fact that modern gaming consoles are getting a new generation of products out on the market. New XBox, XBox one and new PS, Playstation 4 are both hitting the shelves around Christmas and they promise a lot of changes, some for the better, some for the worse. If you follow gaming news, you know what has been going on. First Microsoft announced that Kinect would always be on, than they backtracked on that. Than they announced that you’d need a constant internet connection to play online, but they backtracked on that too. Than they announced they’d crack down on used games sales, but they had to back off of that idea too. Well, consumers have had their say in the end, and now we get two platforms with more or less similar hardware capabilities, but with some different exclusive titles, which is what will determine which console will you go for when they become available. Bear in mind that both XBox and Playstation are more likely to have their bugs and kinks in the first two series of products, so you might want to sit back for about half a year and pick up one of the updated versions.

Steam has also been busy when it comes to games, and this PC exclusive platform has a lot of interesting news. First of all, Greenlight project has been a pretty big success, and now Steam announced over 100 Greenlit games in the coming time frame – that’s a lot of indie titles of different genres to spend time on. It also seems like Steam will finally allow you to share games with friends on your friend list, this feature is about to kick off with beta, we’ll see if they go through with it. The next logical step, I feel, would be for them to let users trade in their games, but we might have to wait a few years until that actually happens. Still, all around exciting news for gamers who use Steam as their platform.

Augmented Reality – Today

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Breakthrough technologies of 2013

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